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Code of Conduct

zT's Code of Conduct is a list of rules and ideals that zT is built on. You must agree to abide, and continue to abide by this Code of Conduct to be an zT member. You agree to follow this code when you join, and breaking the code will result in reprimands, varying based on the nature of the violation committed.

1. Every zT member must read, understand, and agree to abide by the zT Code of Conduct and the Xbox Live Disclaimer. (You must agree to the Xbox Live Disclaimer to play on Xbox Live, so you have already done this if you have an account on Xbox Live)

2. zT always operates under the idea that quality is better than quantity.

4. zT will not tolerate harassment, disrespectful behaviour, or any kind of discrimination against other gamers of any kind, both in and out zT. Threats of hacking or poaching, as well as fraud are also not tolerated in zT and are grounds for your immediate removal.

5. Any rank within zT is a choice; you do not have to accept any promotions; we will not force responsibility on you if you do not want it.

6. Members have an “open-door-policy” with any leaders to present ideas or issue to. All members are also entitled to, at their leaders’ discretion, to attempt any new ideas on an experimental basis.

7. zT members are not permitted to be active or participate in clan-operations in any other communities while being an active zT member. Meaning no other clans for the game you was recruited on.

8. zT members are expected to uphold the Code of Conduct and represent zT in a positive manner. Please remember that all of zT will be judged based on your behaviour, especially if you add “zT” to your gamertag.

9. zT members will not leave another zT member behind. Regardless of the circumstances, even if they just drop from a game, you back out and pick them up. We do not leave our comrades behind.

10. No zT member will be treated unfairly by their leaders or any other zT members. If this occurs, please report it immediately.

11. zT members are expected to follow all laws that pertain to the country of their residence. zT will not tolerate any illegal activities, and reserves the right to remove you if you conduct such illicit activities.

The leaders and management of zT all abide by this Code of Conduct, and all the members are expected to do the same. No one is exempt from this Code of Conduct, and your agreeing to it when you join implies your consent to be bound to these rules. The leaders and management of zT reserves the right to remove you from this community immediately if you violate any of the above rules.

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